£12 per class or £50 for a 5 class pass (valid for 3 months) for all pregnancy and postnatal classes

Positive Pregnancy Support sessions

Well-being sessions with Hypnobirthing for every pregnancy at any stage - including first trimester and complex or high-risk pregnancies. There is NO physical yoga in this session.

Connection, support and positivity are so important at any time during our lives but even more so when you're pregnant. Pregnancy can be a time when you may start to feel you need more support than usual and want to meet other pregnant mums. Positive Pregnancy Support sessions are aimed at helping you feel way more connected, supported and positive with the following tools to enjoy your pregnancy:

  • breathwork and Hypnobirthing techniques for pregnancy, labour and birth

  • positive thinking, affirmations and visualisation techniques 

  • time for giving and receiving support with other pregnant mums

  • yoga nidra (this is a long, deep relaxation technique for you and your baby)

  • Question & Answer and mini-talks with Alison

  • bring a notebook and pen

Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation class

From 12 weeks onwards, these yoga and birth preparation classes will help you relax and enjoy your pregnancy with:

  • breath techniques adapted for powerful benefits during pregnancy, labour and birth

  • physical yoga poses to allow you to strengthen and stretch and stay active

  • time for giving and receiving support from other pregnant mums

  • guided relaxation time for you and your baby to rest and restore

  • Question & Answer and mini-talks with Alison

Postnatal Yoga class

Yoga for you and bring baby too.

From 4 weeks after a vaginal birth and 8 weeks after a caesarean birth can be a good time to start.

Some mums feel ready physically before this or just want some support and contact with Alison and other mums. So you can of course join earlier and do as much or as little physical yoga as you wish.

Alison will make sure the physical practice is the right level for where you are at in your postnatal healing.

Listen to your body and join class when you feel ready. If you're not sure contact Alison for a chat.

  • learn postnatal healing breath - for abdominal and pelvic floor muscle strength

  • regain strength and tone

  • time for you and your baby to enjoy practice together

  • stay connected with other new mums

  • time to support each other and share

  • time to ask Alison questions

Hypnobirthing and Birth Preparation for couples

Hypnobirthing and birth preparation is a private workshop for you and your birth partner/s and is the perfect complement to everything you practice in the yoga and well-being sessions. These are enjoyable and relaxing workshops: 

  • You will learn and practice together deep relaxation and breathing techniques

  • You will both understand what to expect at each stage of the labour and birth

  • You will both feel calmer and more confident and have the most positive start possible to your journey into parenthood.

  • Your birth partner will learn the skills needed in their crucial role so you can feel utterly supported and cared for during your labour and birth

  • Active birth including labour and birth positions are all explored

  • Full support with deciding on the best birth plan for you

  • Hypnobirthing book included

  • MP3 recordings included 

  • £350 for a private 6.5 hour workshop