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Pregnancy yoga
birth preparation
with Alison

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Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation class

From 12 weeks onwards, these yoga and birth preparation classes will help you relax and enjoy your pregnancy with:​

  • breath techniques adapted for powerful benefits during pregnancy, labour and birth

  • physical yoga poses to allow you to strengthen and stretch and stay active

  • getting to know other pregnant mums

  • guided relaxation time for you and your baby to rest and restore

  • Question & Answer and mini-talks with Alison

​Alison worked as a midwife for more than 22 years and now specialises in pregnancy and postnatal yoga and hypnobirthing.

Alison specialises in supporting pregnant mums through yoga and hypnobirthing. Alison first qualified as a nurse many years ago and then went onto become a midwife and worked as a Registered Midwife for 22 years (until December 2019) across the UK and New Zealand. Alison has cared for thousands of pregnant women as a midwife and has been present at more than 1,200 births. 

Alison has run pregnancy yoga teacher training courses for several years teaching yoga teachers, midwives and other maternity professionals how to teach pregnancy and postnatal yoga.

​When you come to Alison’s pregnancy yoga and birth preparation classes you will have time to ask your questions and have unbiased, evidence-based answers and hopefully reassurance from Alison as she supports you through the many changes of pregnancy.

You are in the safest of hands with Alison as she guides you through safe and enjoyable pregnancy classes helping you to enjoy this transition towards this exciting new chapter in your life.

Alison also provides postnatal yoga classes to help you regain strength and tone and to provide postnatal support and contact with other new mums.

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