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Yoga and Wellbeing Retreat

14th - 17th May 2021  Derbyshire

Our Accommodation

Beautiful homely accommodation on the edge of the Peak District National Park. There is a yoga studio, 2 living rooms and a dining space for us all to share meals together.


Room Types

  • Twin rooms for 2 people sharing

  • Dormitory accommodation for 4 people  – mixture of twins beds and full size bunk beds

  • limited single occupancy available

  • Bathrooms, either ensuite or next door to your bedroom



Prices for this Yoga and Wellbeing Retreat start from £430

Please contact me for more details:


Alison from Yoga Panacea and her sister Helen (from Yoga and Well-Being With Helen) look forward to welcoming you on this luxury 3 night Yoga & Wellbeing Retreat in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.

What will the retreat include?

  • A structured daily programme including:  6 yoga sessions (morning and evening), daily meditation, 3 wellbeing evening events

  • 2 experienced friendly teachers leading and supporting you throughout each of the sessions

  • 3 nights accommodation

  • Delicious healthy food from Peak District Deli

  • Free time in the afternoons to explore the beautiful local area

  • A chance to switch off from everyday life and be with other like minded people


The Yoga  Practice

Sessions will be hatha yoga with some flow and restorative work. Sessions will be relaxed and friendly so you can work at your own pace and allow your body to slowly relax, open up and restore over the course of the retreat. Helen and Alison are both friendly relaxed teacher who will support you in your practice, helping you to listen to your own body and mind. There will be opportunities to challenge yourself in your physical practice, enjoy long relaxation and allow the yoga practice to work its magic!


Meditation will be brought to each of the yoga sessions working on breathing techniques and relaxation. The wellbeing events in the evenings will allow you to practice self-care techniques which you can then use in your everyday life.



Register for updates on future events

Yoga Panacea:



Of course there is no such thing as a true panacea. A panacea as a 'cure-all' is a mythical idea akin to searching for the holy grail.

Yoga Panacea was born out of a belief that yoga is the closest thing to a panacea. No matter whether you are seeking healing, fitness, or inner peace, or all of the above, you will discover that the right kind of yoga guided by the right teacher will help you achieve your goal and usually so much more.


Yoga Panacea services:

  • Hatha Yoga classes: group/private/corporate

  • Meditation and mindfulness workshops

  • Pregnancy yoga classes

  • Positive Pregnancy Well-being sessions

  • Postnatal yoga

  • Hypnobirthing workshops

  • Yoga holidays and retreats

Hatha yoga with Alison:

​​My hatha yoga classes include breathing and mindfulness techniques, relaxation and a mixture of traditional poses, sun salutations and short flow sequences in order to achieve the combined benefits and enjoyment of the most popular styles of yoga. And always a chance to smile and enjoy your practice. 

​I am an experienced yoga teacher and passionate about guiding high quality, holistic yoga that is suitable for everybody. I believe in friendly, relaxed, supportive teaching and will support you in finding your own practice, helping you to listen to your own body.

Since 2009, I have completed multiple yoga teacher training courses (including Advanced Yoga Teacher Training 500 hours) in traditional hatha, Sivananda and Vinyasa yoga in the UK and India.

As a former Registered Midwife and Nurse I have a wide clinical knowledge of health-related issues that can be helped by yoga.

As a midwife of 22 years I now specialise in pregnancy and postnatal yoga and hypnobirthing. I ran teacher training courses for several years teaching yoga teachers, midwives and other maternity professionals how to teach prenatal and postnatal yoga.

​I believe in helping people find their own level of practice and their own version of each yoga pose so you can practice in a way that feels helpful, safe and nourishing for you. Everybody is different in terms of physical abilities and everybody is different in why they come to yoga and what they want from their practice. So, it only makes sense that we all practice in different ways. I help you to learn how to listen to your own body and practice without ego or expectation. I will help you to let go of any ideas and myths around needing to be flexible to practice yoga.

​Come and join me on the mat and learn how much yoga can enhance your life.


Alison Fiddler


Founder of Yoga Panacea

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Sorry, no meditation this morning
(Friday 3 June).
We will be back together on Monday. Feel free to listen to one of the recordings on the Videos page
Have a lovely weekend xxx

Sorry, no meditation today
(Monday 4 July)

I am camping in a field!
I will be back here tomorrow morning.
Feel free to listen to one of the recordings on the Videos page
Have a lovely day, Alison xxx

7am meditation restarts on 
Monday 12 September

Feel free to listen to one of the recordings on the Videos page
See you next week, lots of love Alison xxx

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