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Salsa classes in Southport every Wednesday


  • When: Wednesdays at 8.15pm

  • Where: All Saints Church hall, Rawlinson Road PR9 9JR

  • Entrance to the church hall car park is on Park Road

  • What shall I wear? Comfortable clothing and shoes with a smooth/slippy sole  if possible

  • Come alone or with your partner

  • Bring a bottle of water

  • The class will be 1 hour (with 15 minutes practice time after class)


  • Suitable for beginners and anyone that knows the basics and just loves to dance


  • If you want to do the Wednesday Yoga AND Salsa please book the 6.30pm yoga class and choose the combo package - this will book your place in both classes


When Alison is not on the yoga mat her other passion is dancing salsa and tango.

Come and join Alison for fun salsa classes in Southport or contact Alison to book a private salsa or tango lesson.

Alison began her partner dancing career as a child with ballroom dancing, completing several years of exams and winning many competitions.

Then a few years later in 1993 whilst studying at university Alison landed in a salsa club and felt like she had come home. Alison has been dancing salsa ever since.

In 2000, Alison then discovered the intensity and beauty of Argentine tango. 

Whilst living in New Zealand, Alison won the NZ tango competition twice and danced twice in the semi-finals of the annual Tango world championships in Buenos Aires.


For many years Alison has enjoyed dancing and teaching salsa and tango and loves to help dancers learn the true art of improvised social partner dancing. 

As a leader you will learn how to lead moves and style that will make followers queue up to dance with you.

Followers will learn the skills to really actively listen and follow in a way that could make the leaders fight to dance with you!

And together leaders and followers will learn to connect with the music together to make their dancing come alive.

Alison is an experienced teacher and will make sure you can learn at a pace that is right for you so you can really enjoy coming to class.

Social dancing is about having fun and enjoyment. You do not need to learn complicated moves to become a competent dancer. Difficult and challenging moves are for Strictly and other such stage performances that are always choreographed. 

Social dancing is very different and completely improvised. There is no choreography or complicated sequences to remember.

If you have any questions please contact Alison or come along to class.

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