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Alison Fiddler
Founder of
Yoga Panacea

Yoga Panacea:



A panacea as a 'cure-all' for either everything or a complex series of problems is a mythical idea akin to searching for the holy grail. 

Yoga Panacea was born out of Alison's experiences and observations that have confirmed so many times over her years of practicing and teaching that yoga is the closest thing to a panacea for health and well-being. No matter whether you are seeking healing, fitness, or inner peace, or all of the above, you will discover that the right kind of yoga guided by the right teacher will help you achieve your goal and usually so much more.

Alison eventually found her way to her first yoga class at 30 years old whilst living in New Zealand and was left amazed at how her shoulders and the whole of her back felt pain-free and comfortable for the first time in many years. She was a long way from being able to touch her toes and wondered if she would ever manage this physical feat again. Then over the following months of regular yoga practice, whilst on the way to eventually touching her toes she learned that it did not matter and that flexibility and whether you can touch your toes or not is a million miles away from what yoga is all about. Alison learned that practicing yoga is not about the stereotype of being flexible but about bringing connection with yourself and bringing body, mind and heart back into alignment for more health, strength and peace.

For Alison, yoga became her "survival tool" for life. 

Yoga Panacea services with Alison (in-person and online):

  • Hatha Yoga classes: group/private/corporate

  • Meditation and mindfulness workshops (free session 7am Monday-Friday)

  • Pregnancy yoga classes

  • Postnatal yoga

  • Hypnobirthing and birth preparation workshops

  • Yoga holidays and retreats

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