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​​Alison’s hatha yoga classes include breathing and mindfulness techniques, relaxation and a mixture of traditional poses, sun salutations and short flow sequences in order to achieve the combined benefits and enjoyment of the most popular styles of yoga. And always a chance to smile and enjoy your practice. ​

​Alison is an experienced yoga teacher and passionate about guiding high quality, holistic yoga that is suitable for everybody. Her classes  provide friendly, relaxed, supportive teaching and will support you in finding your own practice, helping you to listen to your own body.


Whether you need a more gentle or more strenuous physical practice Alison will guide you to practice at a level that feels right for you.

Since 2009, Alison has completed multiple yoga teacher training courses (including Advanced Yoga Teacher Training 500 hours) in traditional hatha, Sivananda and Vinyasa yoga in the UK and India.

Alison believes in helping people find their own level of practice and their own version of each yoga pose so you can practice in a way that feels helpful, safe and nourishing for you.


Everybody is different in terms of physical abilities and everybody has different reasons that bring them to yoga and what they might want from their practice. So, it only makes sense that we all practice in different ways. Alison helps you to learn how to listen to your own body and practice without ego or expectation.

Alison will help you to let go of any ideas and myths around needing to be flexible to practice yoga.​

Join Alison on the mat and learn how much yoga can enhance your life: body, mind and heart.

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