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birth preparation
with Alison

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Hypnobirthing and Birth Preparation for you and your birth partner/s

As a former midwife Alison understands perfectly the importance of helping you to prepare for the birth of your precious baby in a way that will help you to truly enjoy the empowering process of giving birth and becoming parents. 

Hypnobirthing and birth preparation is a private workshop for you and your birth partner/s and is often the perfect complement to everything you practice in the pregnancy classes with Alison. These are enjoyable and deeply practical workshops online or in-person: 

  • You will learn and practice together deep relaxation and breathing techniques

  • You will both understand what to expect at each stage of the labour and birth

  • You will both feel calmer and more confident and have the most positive start possible to your journey into parenthood.

  • Your birth partner will learn all the practical skills needed for their crucial role so they can feel completely prepared and confident so you can feel utterly supported and cared for during your labour and birth

  • Active birth including labour and birth positions are all explored

  • Full support with deciding on the best birth plan for you

  • Hypnobirthing book included

  • MP3 recordings included 

  • £350 for a private 6.5 hour workshop (or split over 2 sessions)


Hypnobirthing testimonials:

"We both had so much fun doing hypnobirthing with Alison and at the end of it we felt completely relaxed and ready for anything. We learned loads of stuff as well so many tips and tricks you could never read in a book. I thought it was going to be about hypnosis and relaxation but it was way more than that - a full birth package. Highly recommended!" Eleanor

“This was our second baby and we knew we needed it to be different this time so we booked a day with Alison. It was fantastic to have all her knowledge and experience and know that she has been at so many births. She was even able to help us understand some stuff from last time which really helped put our minds at ease. We had a lovely birth this time exactly as we had imagined and we used everything that she taught us. My husband says he felt much more useful this time as he knew what was going on and what he needed to do to help me. Thanks Alison, it was truly perfect.” Stacey

“My birth did not go to plan at all and thanks to hypnobirthing that was absolutely fine. I just went with the flow and I stayed completely calm and peaceful all the way through and knew that me and my baby were safe. I have my partner to thank for keeping me in such a calm and peaceful place every step of the way and we both have Alison to thank for that. The hypnobirthing session with Alison defied all our expectations. I truly did not realise we would benefit so much from the day we spent with Alison. I just thought it would be a nice thing for me and Greg to do together – and it truly was a very nice thing for us to do together and really helped us connect more deeply. But much more than that, we were both blown away by how much we learned. My partner Greg felt so confident at the end of it as he understood exactly how important his role was and exactly how to look after me. Alison prepared us for every possible eventuality so when things did not go to plan we just went with the flow and Greg kept control of everything. I think without the preparation day with Alison it would all have been monumentally different. We loved the day with Alison and really felt the benefit of it but it was not until I had actually given birth that we both realised the power of everything we had learned. You will have a fun and enjoyable day with Alison and when you know that your partner is feeling confident this gives you so much confidence too. You will not  regret hypnobirthing with Alison. She is lovely, caring and really down to earth. We both felt like we could ask her anything and get a really sensible and honest answer. We definitely recommend Alison’s hypnobirthing to you!” Patti and Greg

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